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Stephen Hogan
as Killian

     Killian has always tried his best to save lives, even before power was bestowed upon him by the gods. He values life over wealth, but a little coin to pay for medicine never hurt anyone. He worked for years as a traveling doctor before garnering attention in Te'Ka'Ast and being recruited into their martial ranks.
     As a pacifist, the water genasi Cleric struggles on the battlefront. His belief that all lives are worth sparing governs his actions. If, however, someone were to ignore his warnings and not appreciate the value of the life granted to them, he would see the loss of that life as an even exchange.


Jack H.
as Tarwick High-hill

     Tarwick High-hill spends his days in half-retirement, sitting on a council of divination wizards while he watches the world spin by from atop Mt. Bellcer. The "Diviner Extraordinaire" is most certainly always in the right place at the right time, just not always for the right reasons.
     The halfling Wizard returns to the world of adventuring after being tasked with assisting the Four Corps on their latest mission.

Wenses Contreras
as Carmichael

Carmichael always longed to give his family the good life, but years of cobbling together an income from odd jobs around town chipped away at his confidence. After accepting help from a mysterious stranger, the Tiefling sorcerer entrusted his son's raising to an old friend before setting off on what has since turned out to be a very long and dangerous mission to far off lands.

Paula Horn
as Eilleth Gemwalker

     Eilleth Gemwalker's mind has been fractured somehow, her body mysteriously infused with wild magics. The firbolg Ranger and her weasel companion, Chimmie, originally set out to search for a way to help Eilleth's people, but the more pressing mission now is helping Eilleth find herself.

Michelle Moskiewicz
as Drima Inkclaw

Drima Inkclaw has been the curator for her clan's history since her father passed. As a Dragonborn of Green Dragon lineage she has spent most of her days deep within a conservatory, studying the clan's lineage and retracing the steps of their ancestors. As she was exploring a journal discovered in ash, the barbarian found remnants of a story from adventurers long ago that could include the forefather of the clan. Before it is included in the history, she seeks to find the truth.

Phoebe Monsour
as The Unknown God of Magic and Being

The Unknown God of Magic and Being is responsible for both inherited magic and disastrous deals. They reign over the plane of Dowenny (Jeroda's Feywild), but bear the responsibility for magic throughout the realms. Townsfolk once came from all over to have their wishes granted by the powerful being, until one day the eternal vanished from the world, imprisoned by a powerful clan of creatures for unknown reasons.

Recently released from their magical confinement, the Unknown God of Magic and Being plans to enact new orders from the One Above All that could bring untold chaos and destruction not just to Dowenny, but all of the realms.

Guest Players:

B39AE245-A478-412D-8A57-54FB4E844840 (1).JPG
Marigold Morrigan
as Agate "Aggie" Flintheart

She / Her

Appears in The Magical Bandit Saga

and The No Place Like Nobrome Legacy

     Aggie's stories always draw a crowd at open mic night in her local tavern, and she has built a name for herself as the "person with the answers." Sometimes those answers come from her own imagination or the voices in her head, but there's no denying they're good stories.
     Never one to back down from a challenge, the red-headed hill dwarf Bard (College of Spirits) looks the world square in the eye and is fearlessly herself.

as Roskus

     I have been playing 5e D&D for over 3 years now. I have participated in homebrew campaigns, as well as Adventurers League as both a player and GM. While I tend to favor casters, I have at least one character for each class. I also enjoy other TTRPGs and board games. Outside of gaming, I work in anti-doping testing in sports.

She / Her

as Joanna

She / Her

     I’ve been a gaming/anime/sci-fi nerd for as long as I can remember but didn’t delve into the world of D&D until early 2021. I can’t believe I missed out on such storytelling! I’ve played one homebrew campaign with my sister, and currently play as Joanna, the Halfling Bard, here on Dungeons in Discord.  I’m stoked that I get to be a part of the action!
     My professional background is all over the place, including mass communications in print & radio.

James Piche
as Jicard

He / Him

     I hail from Dearborn, Michigan, where I live with my wife and daughters. I am a veteran of both D&D as well as the US Military, where I served as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan. I am also an actor who has appeared in over 100 stage productions around the globe. I'm excited to bring my Half-Orc Cleric, Jicard, to life.

She / Her

Kimberly Baker
as Merryweather

     I’m a fairly new D&D player but have been a big fan of live play podcasts for a few years now. I’ve played Earthdawn and a one-shot of D&D (also had a failed attempt at DMing, but we don’t talk about that.)
     I’ve always had a big imagination and just find the idea of TTRPGs so fun! I’m looking forward to being involved with creating a fun and interesting adventure.

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