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Dungeons in Discord:  Deprem

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The World of Deprem

The World of Deprem:

Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

as the Game Master

He / Him

     Forever the Game Master, I've always wanted people to feel safe and included when playing games with me. I even create themed 5e campaigns for my friends and former students!
     No matter the game, I will always attempt to find a way to pull listeners and players into the world with story-telling that will hopefully captivate them and keep them coming back for more.

as Roskus

She / Her

     I have been playing 5e D&D for over 3 years now. I have participated in homebrew campaigns, as well as Adventurers League as both a player and GM. While I tend to favor casters, I have at least one character for each class. I also enjoy other TTRPGs and board games. Outside of gaming, I work in anti-doping testing in sports.

as Joanna

She / Her

     I’ve been a gaming/anime/sci-fi nerd for as long as I can remember but didn’t delve into the world of D&D until early 2021. I can’t believe I missed out on such storytelling! I’ve played one homebrew campaign with my sister, and currently play as Joanna, the Halfling Bard, here on Dungeons in Discord.  I’m stoked that I get to be a part of the action!
     My professional background is all over the place, including mass communications in print & radio.

James Piche
as Jicard

He / Him

     I hail from Dearborn, Michigan, where I live with my wife and daughters. I am a veteran of both D&D as well as the US Military, where I served as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan. I am also an actor who has appeared in over 100 stage productions around the globe. I'm excited to bring my Half-Orc Cleric, Jicard, to life.

Kimberly Baker
as Merryweather

She / Her

     I’m a fairly new D&D player but have been a big fan of live play podcasts for a few years now. I’ve played Earthdawn and a one-shot of D&D.
     I’ve always had a big imagination and just find the idea of TTRPGs so fun! I’m looking forward to being involved in creating a fun and interesting adventure.

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