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Dungeons in Discord - Episode 25 - Book, Book, Battle [No Place Like Nobrume Legacy]

Published: January 23rd, 2022
Next Episode Publishes: TBA

Fever Woods

   Fever Woods is a horror series in a high-fantasy setting, based on a D&D campaign. Instead of producing an actual-play podcast, the campaign has been reconstructed & written into a horror audio drama, with some elements of anthology & an overarching story. Join the people--elves and humans, hunters and mages--who venture into the forbidden woods, unprepared for the horrors that await them.

Maidens of Mayhem

   A story-based, role-play heavy D&D podcast about a group of misfit friends escorting a young Satyr on her traditional quest. Chaotic adventures of mischief and mayhem await!

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Dungeons In Discord Campaign #1 (1).png

Dungeons in Discord - NEW CAMPAIGN COMING SOON


Leave the Quest to Me! - Episode 6 - Threading a Balance

Published: June 6th, 2021
Next Episode Publishes: TBA


He / Him

Social Media Director

     My name is Daniel and I'm the Social Media Director for Ear Wyrm Productions! I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a little over than a year, and I am an aspiring GM for another TTRPG. I'm currently pursuing a BA in graphic design, and I am looking forward to using my skills to make EWP the best it can be!