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Jerodian Journeys

The World of Jeroda

Welcome to Jeroda:

     In ancient Jeroda, the gods walk among us. Some say they are stuck here, trapped by the primordials, or the fey, or even themselves.

Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

IMG-2643 - James Piche_edited.jpg
Jim (He / Him)
as the Game Master

     I am a long-time D&D player as well as DM. I started on the Redbox back in 1986, and have played virtually every edition except for 4th (we don't talk about 4th edition). My favorite edition is 5e.

     I am a teacher and love corrupting... I mean shaping young minds. I have recently started a D&D club at the school. This is my first time being a DM for a podcast, and I look forward to bringing madcap ideas to life for all to enjoy.

Fitness Melanie (1) - Melanie Bolen.jpg
Geekyfit (She / Her)

     Personal Trainer & Nutritionist by day, Half-Elf Ranger by night. I'm still quite new to the world of D&D, but I'm not a newbie when it comes to loving fantasy, adventure, sci-fi & superhero-related stories and games. Jerodian Journeys is my first full dive into the world of RPG, and I've been enjoying exploring the world. When I'm not exploring the realm you can find me preparing to take the Hobbits to Isegard at the gym, cosplaying as my favorite superheroes, or snuggling up with my many fur babes on the couch catching up with my favorite shows.

as Maewyn Tunnelly (She / Her)

     At five years old, Maewyn wandered from her village, intent on observing a band of Halflings who were just her size. When she returned home the next morning, she discovered her only parent missing.

     Alone in the world, the young Half-Elf wandered again, but it wasn't long before the same Halflings came upon her and adopted her into their caravan. She lived with them for many happy years and learned to live off the land until the day the Halflings were struck down by a mysterious illness.
     After losing her second family, Maewyn resorted to living the life of a Ranger. Often a loner except for her companion, Banjo, she travels from town to town looking for jobs so that she can continue to feed herself and treat herself to the occasional soft bed.

Snapchat-1435161940 - JoJo Sawyer_edited.jpg
JoJo (She / Her)

     Somewhere between a newbie and an expert in D&D, love it for its versatility and creativity. I currently have four characters, two of whom I play in a steady campaign. In Jerodian Journeys, I play Jovani, the Tiefling Rogue. I was previously in Dungeons in Discord: Deprem as Joanna, the Halfling Bard. 

as Jovani Dharrai (He / Him)

     An athletic and skilled enforcer for a powerful family, Jovani grew tired of the lack of recognition from his bosses, as well as charging the common folk well above their means for protection. The light-red Tiefling knew the good times could only last so long, and felt he was living as if his days were numbered. Before he could quite decide on an exit strategy, he was set upon by some of those closest to him and threw himself into dangerous waters to fake his own death.

     Now free of the bonds that held him back, the Rogue has reformed himself and seeks to make his own way in the world.

2021_Headshot_Blue_XiDing - Bonnie H.png
Bonnie (She / Her)

     I play Valodi on Jerodian Journeys. I am a new D&D player and have been loving exploring the vast worlds and opportunities for roleplay. When not playing D&D, you can find me painting, playing with my cats, or playing video games. 

as Valodi (She / Her)

     Hotshot squadron commander Valodi joined The Army of the Divine Sceptor to fight for glory. Three years ago the army was crushed under the might of a foreign nation's battalions, and Valodi was among the scant few to escape alive.

     A refugee in Jeroda, Valodi grapples with her survivor's guilt by working with a coalition of mercenaries and fellow survivors to help those who cannot help themselves. The Hill Dwarf Fighter sees her work not only as a way to feed herself, but as a penance, and has resigned herself to a future as a stranger in a strange land.

Sambi (She / Her)

     I have been playing 5e D&D for over four years now. I have participated in homebrew campaigns, as well as Adventurers League as both a player and GM. While I tend to favor casters, I have at least one character for each class. I also enjoy other TTRPGs and board games. Outside of gaming, I work in anti-doping testing in sports.

as Aleesia (She / Her)

     Aleesia grew up in the territory of Dowenny. Her parents didn’t always have time for her, but her maternal Grandmother Gail was always a place where she was welcome. The magic of the Feywild that was always around her opened her mind in a curious way, granting psionic sorcerous powers.

     Wanting to learn more about the world around her, and following in the footsteps of her grandmother, the High Elf Sorcerer set out shortly before her 100th birthday to see the lands. Her sweet nature has made it easy for her to find friendly people all over, and she often runs into GG on her own travels. 

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