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Leave the Quest to Me!

Season 1:  Byd Antur

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The World of Byd Antur

The World of Byd Antur:

     Byd Antur is a plane scared by fire and war, where magic and ambition weave together to rule the world. After centuries of conflict and the births of many legends, the regions have enjoyed a century and a half of peace and prosperity.
     Our story begins in the 157th year of peace, as new machinations, both mortal and divine, begin to churn just below the surface, threatening to pull all of Byd Antur back into the shadows.

The cast of Leave the Quest to Me! Season 1  would like to extend their hearty thanks to Sunny Solomon for her invaluable assistance in the creation of the world of Byd Antur. You can follow her and commission her writing on Twitter @SlimeSlice
Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

Wesley "Ranshi"
as the Game Master

     Hey, it’s me, the Game Master of LtQtM! Seeing as I don’t have a Player Character to introduce, it seemed right that I provide a bit of my history with the world we'll be campaigning in. Byd Antur and I go way back, to when I first started writing things as a player, even before I was a GM! The Byd Antur I present to you now is the product of years of hard work, collaborations, and many rewrites and expansions. This is the third campaign I’ve GM’d in this world, though it is the first in the timeline and the first in which the world is “complete”. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Joshua "Ice" Kapp
as Kaizire De Rose

     Kaizire conceals their identity behind a crimson fox mask. The purple-blue tielfing with a shock of strawberry blond hair makes a habit out of skulking in shadowed alleys, lying in wait for their latest quarry while avoiding the watchful eyes of their former employers. There's more than meets the eye to this Rogue. With some luck and the help of the trickster goddess, Allek, Kaizire could accomplish more than just the revenge they seek.

as Elia du Arc'un'Ciel

     Elia du Arc'un'ciel is a student at The College of The Resplendent Arts in the Feywild. The eladrin Warlock has made the somewhat sudden decision to take a gap year from her studies and leave the only home she's ever known to explore. Her first friend in Byd Antur, Dess, is teaching her how the material plane works, and together they have taken it upon themselves to provide aid to those who need it across the countryside.

as Rux

     Rux is a changeling cleric from the temple of Ozius. They were raised by Cleric Desmond until they were 10, when the elderly cleric passed away. Rux's deep love for the god of death led them to seek out opportunities to serve, sometimes taking on the visage of lost loved ones in order to give grieving family members closure, and even absolution. As Rux came of age, they excitedly headed out into the world, seeking more active ways to serve Ozius and heal the world.

as Dess

     Dess is a kobold Wizard who learned her magic under the tutelage of the secret communist order that took her in at the age of 4. Charged by The Order to travel around spreading their teachings and offering assistance to all those in need, Dess has made it her personal mission to make everyone equals, regardless of race or occupation. She is traveling with her friend Elia, whom she is also teaching about Communism.

Will Butler
as Angus Lutin

     Angus is a human fighter who has just returned unceremoniously to Byd Antur from the Feywild with a newfound distrust of extraplanar entities, especially the fey. The young vagabond spends much of the time he isn’t pinching purses taking stock of his own mind, attempting to sort through what he remembers of his journey. In addition to his newly pointed ears and dull lavender eyes, Angus is quickly coming to realize that there are many things he can't remember at all; and that not everything he remembers is true. 

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