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Nat 1 Adventures

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Campaign 1: The Lord of Bones

C1: World Setting

The World of Perza:

     Welcome to Nairune, the southernmost continent in the world of Perza. A matriarchal society, the land is led by its queen from the capitol city of Esterga.
     Two weeks ride from the capitol lies the town of Bluehaven, home to the orphanage of The Order of Perdita. The orphanage is led by a mother superior and a staff of priests, priestesses, and clerics of various gods and goddesses. The order's goal is to give help to those children otherwise lost or unwanted.
     The Order of Perdita, and thereby Bluehaven, enjoys a good trade relationship with the capitol because the current queen was a sister of the order before falling in love with and marrying the prince, who has since passed away.

     Our story begins with the preparations for the funeral of Mother Brealia Rulrelil, a woman of some 320 years who has been the de facto mother to a veritable army of orphans.

C1: Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

In Order of Appearance.

Dave "Raspy Screams"
as the Game Master

     I have been a fan of the fantasy setting ever since I picked up my first book by R. A. Salvatore. The characters, their struggles and conquests, the detailed world--I dreamed of being in a world just like it! Because of that, and because of the interactive storytelling that is DnD, I was hooked from my first session of 3.5e. I do my absolute best to encourage storytelling and the immersion effect in any campaign that I am either playing in or GMing.

Ruoke Avel
as Morden Drue and GEHENNA

     Morden was left on the steps of the Orphanage of The Order of Perdita as a child. He has little memory of his life before his arrival there, and what he does remember has something to do with the large scar that marks his back. Now an adult, the Human Monk battles for control with the voice inside his head.

Ryan "BOSSman"
as G3ARS

     G3ARS is a Warforged Paladin/Warlock who has lived his whole life in the Orphanage of The Order of Perdita where he was built. After his mother's death, he set off with a fellow orphan to take her ashes to their final resting place.

King Lego
as Kaeth

     Kaeth is a Shadar-Kai born and raised in the slave pits of an obscure northern cult. Deep in the pits one day, he happened upon a strange mask that offered power in exchange for servitude. Fueled by the mask's strange power, he sought revenge - but revenge always comes at a price. The Shadar-Kai Warlock is now a shadow of a man, as reliant on the mask as it is on him. Together, they scour the world for cults and demons, driven to destroy all evil they find.

Cynical Iceberg 
as Slab

     Slab is a wandering traveler seeking to become a master blacksmith. He wears a rusted ring on his left thumb bearing the mark of his tribe, the final in a long string of peoples destroyed by the last great Oathbreaker of the Skrallhorn.
     The Earth Genasi Barbarian and his fellow survivors avenged their people, and have now scattered to the four winds, seeking mastery of their unique skills, and acceptance by the biggest political force in the wasteland. Scarred, cynical, yet upbeat, Slab is right at home in a forge as much as he is on the battlefield.

Marigold Morrigan
as Orsennia Rae

     Orsennia was raised at the Orphanage of the Order of Perdita in Bluehaven until she heeded the call of the goddess Selune and pursued adventure in the wider world. Recently returned to Nairune after years at sea, the Halfling Twilight Cleric's relationship with the law is murky at best.

as Rodin

     Rodin was taken in at the age of six by a gifted wizard in Esterga. As he grew, so did his curiosity, and he sought to not only heal the wounded as his master did but to reach into the beyond and return the dead to life. Once he finally succeeded in this mission however, he was faced with something he had never considered: the consequences of his own decisions.
     Rodin confessed his actions to his master and was cast out of the house where he was raised, told to never return. Now the Halfling Necromancy Wizard wanders Nairune, attempting to make amends and seeking to teach others about the balance between life and death.

as Maylin

     Maylin has built a life and reputation as a hardened criminal since leaving the Order of Perdita behind, but her past haunts her, taunting her with information just out of her reach. The Dragonborn-Tiefling Rogue is sure that understanding her origins is the first step on the way to finding her path in life.

as Aurora

     Joining the party suddenly and unexpectedly, the bubbly and eccentric Aurora quickly flutters her way into everyone's hearts. The forests of Perza are filled with magic and wonder, and her people are just one example of that.
     The blue Fairy Ranger and her white dire wolf companion are excited to explore the world beyond their glade, so long as the secrets in Aurora's past stay hidden.

C2: World Setting

Campaign 2

Perza, 70 years later:

     Seventy years have passed since The Year of Unrest, when groups of orphans from the Order of Perdita rose up to fight back against manifestations of darkness across the world of Perza. (We saw one such party's adventures in Campaign 1.)
The Order of Perdita has expanded to a total of four locations, two more on the southern continent of Nairune and one on the western continent of Leonus Prima. The members of the order continue to help raise the otherwise lost and forgotten children of Perza to find their way in life.

     Every year during The Remembrance, promising Orphans are grouped together and sent out to explore and grow as adventurers to keep the land safe from any and all threats that may arise.

C2: Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

In Order of Appearance.

Dave "RaspySCREAMS"
as the Game Master

     I have been a fan of the fantasy setting ever since I picked up my first book by R. A. Salvatore. The characters, their struggles and conquests, the detailed world--I dreamed of being in a world just like it! Because of that, and because of the interactive storytelling that is DnD, I was hooked from my first session of 3.5e. I do my absolute best to encourage storytelling and the immersion effect in any campaign that I am either playing in or GMing.

as Lilith

     Ever since she can remember, Lilith has been with the northern orphanage. The Dhampire Fighter/Rogue feels it is the only place that can accept her for who and what she is. At 28, the naturally cold-natured Lilith now holds a staff position with the Order of Perdita, assisting the other staff  wherever she can and helping newer orphans who don't feel like they fit in.

as Heiress and Asera

     Heiress has worked to find her strength, seeking the guidance of the Lady of Luck herself, to become the paladin she is today. Her strength is found not only in her faith, but in her resolve. Heiress is an unabashed Changeling Paladin, ready and watching for danger.

     For someone whose goal is put the wicked to rest, you would wonder why they flirt with death as though it were a sunday stroll. Asera, the polar opposite of her counterpart Heiress, has no qualms about doing what must be done. This Changeling Bloodhunter is on the prowl, and ready to do whatever it takes.

Dylan "DF_Zed"
as Vaza Ritan

     Vaza Ritan feels himself burdened with a duty to the greater good. He has no qualms doing what he knows is considered right, but deep down he worries being caught up with right and wrong will only muddle his dedication to his work for the Order of the Silent Quill. Behind Vaza's smiling metal mask is an expressionless gray-skinned elf with jet black eyes and long white hair usually swept up in a ponytail when he's working or fighting. The Shadar-Kai Way of Mercy Monk wears charcoal gray robes that cover most of his skin, and a hood that conceals most of his elven features.

as Iollora

     Right from birth, Iollora [eeh-oh-lore-uh] had a very strong connection to the god of life and death, Kelemvor. Following her god's orders, she seeks to put to rest those whose very lives are unnatural as well as ease the suffering of the living. The Aasimar Grave Cleric takes the supportive role, helping the party the best she can on their adventures.

Ryan "BOSSman"
as Floki

     Left on the orphanage steps in Bluehaven, Floki grew up with a love for the wild. As a young child, he had a habit of sneaking out to look for adventure. On one of his escapades, he happened upon a small enclave of druids. Enamored by their connection to the forest, Floki stayed with them for many years. The Kalashtar Circle of the Moon Druid often guides travelers through the wilds, ever searching for his place and purpose, as well as attempting to unravel the mysteries of his origin.

John "Afr0Thunder"
as Garath

     Garath was found as a baby in an open water barrel outside a razed building by a Paladin from the Order of Perdita. The Aasimar Light Cleric has lived at the orphanage ever since, zealously taking on a life of research and eventually teaching primary courses to the younger orphans. After many, many years, he has been encouraged both by his god, Lathander, and the head of the western orphanage, Father Jarsus, to get out of the classroom and into the real world. For... practical experience.

Farstrider: World Setting

The Farstrider Campaign

The World of Nexus:

     The world of Nexus formed from what we knew as earth, but somewhere along the way other worlds began to bleed into it, affecting its creation in ways we can only guess.

     The city of Caestrix has stood for thousands of years, founded by the ten immortal beings in their early days. In this city of fates stands Draconis, a school of free learning. Anyone can study literacy and life skills, honing their craft to make their way in the world. A place where a nobody can become somebody.

Farstrider: Cast Bios

Cast Bios:

In Order of Appearance.

as the Game Master

     Heya Peeps, I'm Fae! I started playing D&D when I was very young, and it's been a part of my life since before I can remember. I'm the Character Artist for N1A, and I currently play Heiress in Campaign 2! My hope as the GM of the Farstrider Campaign is that I can share the ups and downs of a fantasy world with you all. We all need an escape from reality sometimes! I hope you all enjoy Farstrider!

Dave "RaspySCREAMS"
as Heiko

     Heiko has lived in Caestrix his whole life. The Half-Dragonborn Wild Magic Sorcerer works extra shifts to support his single father and their family shop in between his studies at Draconis.

as Lysara

     Lysara was led out of her forest and to Draconis, serendipitously arriving on graduation day. The Wood Elf Hexblade Warlock prefers to use her brawn over her brains, and often has to be directed back on track by her very caring patron.

as Cassandra

     Cassandra focused her studies at Draconis on music and history. The Kitsune College of Lore Bard seeks to understand the creation of Nexus and to find her place in its realms.

as Emari

     Emari enjoys the little things in life. The Fairy College of Valor Bard spends peaceful mornings sitting in trees and afternoons actively the trouble that always seems to find her.

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