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Our Staff

Meet the faces behind the podcasts you love:

In alphabetical order by first name:


She / They

Staff/Cast, Sound Editor
Hear her on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I play Elia du Arc'un'ciel, the fairy school dropout in Leave the Quest to Me! I've been an on-and-off player/GM for 4 years now, and got my start with D&D running an all femme group in high school. D&D has been such a fun challenge for me, as well as a chance to play with art, roleplay, writing, and storytelling. I hope that you enjoy our creations as much as we have making them!

Hear him on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I'm the voice of Kiazire from Leave the Quest to Me! I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2014, and I started GMing for some friends back in 2018.
     I'm currently a Computer Science Major who moonlights in writing and comedy. My favorite part of D&D is the character creation process. Not just rolling stats and writing backstories, I love nothing more than the act of discovering who the character is.

Joshua "Ice" Kapp
Any / All

B39AE245-A478-412D-8A57-54FB4E844840 (1).JPG

Marigold Morrigan
She / Her

Network Manager

     I handle all of the internal admin for Ear Wyrm Productions, as well as most of the marketing initiatives! My background is in Communications and Publishing, and I've been playing DnD since 2001, when I got into 3rd and 3.5 editions. I started playing 5e in January 2021 and have been GMing in 5e since August 2021! You can find me online @MarigoldMorrigan.

She / They

Hear them on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I play Dess the communist kobold wizard on Leave the Quest to Me! I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons pretty casually for four years now. My uncle
and cousin showed me how to play,
and ever since then I have been hooked
on the game!
     I love D&D for the collaborative storytelling, fun settings, and roleplay. I have gotten so many great things from D&D, like better communication skills, good friends, and the beginnings of a dice collecting “problem”.


He / Him

Co-Founder, Staff/Cast, Sound Editor
Hear him on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I play Rux on Leave the Quest to Me! I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1987. I have played a number of other RPGs over the years including Vampire: The Masquerade, Gurps, and a number of Palladium-based games including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I enjoy role-playing because it gives us a look deep inside and allows us a chance to no be ourselves for a while.


Wesley "Ranshi"
He / They

Co-Founder, Staff/Cast,
Team Captain for Leave the Quest to Me!
Hear him on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I am an aspiring game designer and voice actor. I'm one of the newest to Dungeons and Dragons among us, however, I have a love for story-telling and for fantasy. Since I started GMing in late 2018, I have dedicated a great deal of myself to trying to master my own style of running the game. I can't wait for you all to explore the worlds I am weaving!


Will Butler
He / Him

Staff/Cast, Sound Editor
Hear him on Leave the Quest to Me!

     I am an actor and voice actor, and my first experience with Dungeons and Dragons was when I was twelve! It was at a birthday party, and my rogue died almost instantly in a dungeon trap. Years later, I can appreciate how bad of a rogue I was at twelve. I rediscovered the game in high school and have played sporadically since then. Now my rogues die much more dignified deaths, but that's not saying much, is it?

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